About Us

NineMaze is a UK-based brand, founded in 2021 by artists within the field of audio-visual entertainment with the inspiration to produce visually exciting design wear!

NineMaze is a sustainable fashion brand; we understand the ecological damage and costly use of cheap fashion. Our purpose is to bring you ethically manufactured, durable, long-lasting clothing & accessories. 

NineMaze brings quality and ethical design wear to the artistic and environmentally conscious worldwide. Our designs are original and authentic, manufactured using only the best quality and most comfortable materials.

Our suppliers are certified by various independent bodies and standards. Each of these certifications demonstrates that we are working towards building healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet, every step of the way. We also encourage our suppliers to implement GOTS (The Global Textile Standard) certified printing techniques that use non-harmful inks and sustainable production methods. So that we can affirm that our finalised, decorated garments are fully sustainable. We work with our suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals, or the environment.

All orders are shipped using recyclable & compostable packaging. As of now, our product range is modest but we do have plans to widely increase our range in the future. We do not dropship our products like other brands. This way can personally oversee the quality of each and every order that we fulfill. It is your support of NineMaze in these early days, that will fuel our growth to release even more stimulating designs!

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